It is the final month of the year. King Heaven Kross has once again taken his post after battling a mysterious illness for 2 years. His Crier, Isaac Alvindross, has stepped aside as ruler of he city and joined the plane-traveling Avotion Soldiers, taking with him a long list of questions regarding his actions as ruler. The mysterious teacher and monk, Davos Welvin, has gone missing. The Mage Guild is now run by a mage from Dira’ma while one of its three towers lies in ruins. And yet, Solstace Oness still views his Tall Tale Tavern’s Grand Reopening as the most important event of this year!
The Tall Tale Tavern
An octangular building made of solid, dark brown wood stands between the western slums, marketplace, and middle class residential district. From the center of its roof rises a lone bell tower, looming with an ancient and ominous feeling. Eight, large, round stain glass windows allow light in, but do little to quell the awe it commands. Encircling the base of the tower is a slanted roof covering the second floor before slipping to a steep decline that covers the larger ground floor of this caked tavern. The one hundred foot tall structure stands hugged by a circling deck, protected from the rain by an overhang. A single door opens Southeast, towards the market, standing just below the arching sign exclaiming “Tall Tale Tavern”
Lighting the main floor by day is a massive chandelier reflecting sunlight from one of the eight windows. By night, the ever-burning torches that hang in columns on the wall and sit perched adjacent to every set of steps in the layered-cake style tavern. The lone door opens onto what Solstace calls the “1st layer” or “ground floor.” Twenty feet in from the outside wall, the floor rises three feet to the second layer. Fifteen feet in from the edge of this layer, it rises three feet again to create the third layer. One more three foot raise fifteen feet in creates the fourth layer, the highest patrons may sit. The fifth layer, rising five feet up, ten feet in, is the main stage: a ten foot wide plateau that look down at the surrounding audience. This “top layer” is only for musicians. All five layers are octagonal in shape and the bottom four are decorated with chairs and tables of varying lengths. On each layer there are four sets of steps evenly spaced out that lead to the layer above (none lead to the fifth).
In the North corner, on the second layer, is the bar. Behind it sits a long row of varying ales that gleam under a large mirror. Behind the mirror is a storage room that extends to the outside wall of the tavern, taking up one eighth of the space on the first layer. To the left of the main door, on the first layer, begin the stairs that rise and circle the wall until they reach the second floor, just above the bar. Only those that rent a room may enter the second floor, though patrons often sit on the stairs to get a good view of the performer.
Patrons of the Great Tavern
The Tall Tale Tavern is the largest drinking hall and oldest structure in all of Aruclam. It lies between the western slums, marketplace, and middle class district. On a weekend night it often sees over 200 thirsty patrons while during the week it serves meals to those shopping in the market. Here are several of the more common groups seen in the Tavern.

Coffin Gang – The second largest gang in the western slums and the most common one to be seen at the Tall Tale. Their symbol is a vertical black coffin on a dark red splotch.

High Web Gang – The largest gang in the western slums. This gang has a handful of ex-soldiers seeking revenge. A gang known for having goblins among its ranks. Their symbol is a dark gray dagger with seven spider legs extending from the handle.

Marketplace Spillover – After a long day of a haggling and being shoved around in the busy market, what ornery, no-tipping bastard wouldn’t want a drink?

Heavenly Slayers – A group of drow-hunting mercenaries who are looked down upon by the rest of the city. One of their only places of refuge is the Tall Tale.

Lesser Gangs – As long as they feel the High Web and Coffin don’t mind the appearance, lesser gangs claim the Tall Tale as their stomping grounds…with their affiliations kept as hidden as possible.

Poor – Probably the most common patron of the Tall Tale are those who wish to forget their pathetic lives as a peon. Some say we should help them, Solstace says KEEP THEM DRUNK AND WOEFUL!

Racial Cliques – The dwarves who just got off the clock from the garrison, goblins who feel out of place with other races, elves who would like to get out but do not want to deal with the drunken idiots of Aruclam. No race is excluded and all are welcome to exclude any other race from their table!

Soldiers – The best paying, best tipping, and loudest patrons are always the hungry and drunk soldiers.

Theater – Singers hoping to be noticed, previous performs of the Tall Tale, and actors who just finished a performance over in the theater district will come, sit, order very little, and tip very little.

Wealthy – Not the most common sight in the Tall Tale, but when one shows, he often brings his family or friends for an expensive party. Extra security required, for they become the dessert of the tavern pickpockets.

Lanta 7: The Tall Tail Legacy