The Three Mage Towers

One of the most attractive aspects of Aruclam is its acceptance of magic. Unlike many cities where magic is looked at cautiously, Aruclam welcomes it with all its mystery and unpredictability. In the capital of Makarin, magic has few restrictions, except when it comes to harming others. Anyone can use it in self-defense, but to use it aggressively and unprovoked will not only get you into trouble with the law, but with the three mage guilds as well.

The guilds are spread out across the city to allow everyone who has an interest in magic to see what it has in store. The Eastern Mage Guild, Kendos (ken-dose), sits at the northern section of the guildhall district. The Southern Mage Guild, Umaisan (oo-may-sahn), sits in the southern tavern district, just below the caravan district. The Western Mage Guild, Palish (pahl-ish), sits in the western park, just north of the dwarven district.

Each tower stands over twenty stories high and have a diameter of a city block. Within these immense varyingly gray buildings are classrooms for young wizards, “practice rooms” for those who pay the small fee (where they may use combat spells), offices for those seeking the help of magic, housing for wizards and apprentices, portals to other planes, and any number of other rooms used for what the Head Master claims are legal practices. Normally, there is a one Head Master for each tower, but now there is only one for all three.

For fifty years, Yulaf Cloan reigned as the Head Master of Kendos and Umaisan before gaining control of Palish about a decade ago. As the Head Master of the Three Mage Towers he had kept to himself, holding residence in Kendos. But several months ago, on the morning following the King’s return, Kendos collapsed during a battle between several powerful beings, including the Avotion Soldier Shindora Bosovich and the red dragon Niota Rellum. In the rubble, the battle continued, until Niota was dragged through a portal by another red dragon, Hellema Rellum. The two have not been seen since. In the aftermath, it was discovered that Yulaf had been Niota in disguise. His ouster, the one who summoned Hellema, was Glimzil, a powerful tiefling mage from the magical city of Dira’ma. The tiefling offered to rebuild Kendos and rule the mage towers in a neutral fashion, giving the city both protection and a means to learn about magic. King Heaven Kross accepted his offer. Glimzil is now the Head Mage of the Three Mage Guild.

The Three Mage Towers

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